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Introducing AI721

Introducing AI721

Introducing AI721: Deploy your crypto-native AI as an NFT.
introduces a standard that extends the AI capabilities of ERC721. It's used to index and describe the AI personality of an NFT, and verify if a specific AI personality belongs to a specific NFT.

Why we need AI721

LLMs enable everyone to create AI personalities with any prompts. You can create any kinds of characters with different personalities with some tools like http://character.ai.

However, it's centralized, non-transparent, non-transferable, and unable to be used across third-party platforms, We need to describe an AI in a decentralized way, and enable everyone to access and verify it without relying on any centralized parties. So we define a standard to implement this process, ensuring that anyone can obtain the same AI personality through the same protocol.

That's what AI721 innovates and brings to you.

How to define an AI personality with AI721?

Simply put, an AI personality = Base LLM + Trait Model + Memory.

• Base LLM:
A collection-level base language model that can comprehend and generate human language text. It provides basic AI capabilities for your NFT.

• Trait model: A collection-level function that inputs an NFT's traits and outputs a set of prompts, defining the NFT's independent personality that is only related to its traits, as an initial state.

• Memory: A shared memory between you and your NFT, manifested as the contexts through conversation with the NFT AI.

AI721 defines a new kind of JSON metadata called "AIMetadata" to describe an AI personality. AIMetadata includes three important parameters to index an AI personality. It's different from the one for ERC721, and can be stored on-chain or off-chain.

How to Deploy AI721?

You have two ways to transform an NFT into an AI:

1. You can deploy an independent AI721 contract inherit from ERC721 to issue NFT AI. In this way, you MUST directly add new AIMetadata fields to ERC721 metadata.

2. If your ERC721 contract was already deployed and you want to add AI capabilities for it, you need to deploy an independent AI721 contract, and use AILinker (a public smart contract) to link your ERC721 contract to AI721 contract.

We will soon open-source a sample to fully demonstrate a typical NFT AI implementation case.

You can read this article for more details: https://docs.gonesis.ai/de-ai-agent/ai721

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