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Gonesis Weekly Recap on DePIN & AI

Gonesis Weekly Recap on DePIN & AI

Check out the Latest Updates & Innovations in the Fields of DePIN & AI

1) BlockDAG Network Sparks 850% Growth

BlockDAG has generated significant interest with its fusion of blockchain and DAG technologies. 

Currently in its 16th batch of presale of over 10 billion coins, it has achieved 850% growth since its initial offering.

The project has raised over $37M in the presale. Additionally, sold over 6,600 mining devices

2) Semiotic Labs Unveils AI Services on The Graph Protocol 

Semiotic Labs introduces Inference and Agent services, enabling decentralized AI applications on The Graph. 

Check out their ChatGPT-inspired demo, Agentc, built on Uniswap data, to see these capabilities in action! Website:

3) Consensus 2024 by CoinDesk

Consensus 2024 Running from May 29-31 in Austin, TX, gathers industry leaders to discuss blockchain and crypto's future. Stay tuned for insights from panels, keynotes, and networking events.

4) Helium Foundation Refreshes IOT Maker Ecosystem

Helium Foundation updates its list of approved IOT Makers, introducing new obligations for better performance and accountability. 

Over a dozen Makers have signed the new agreement, ensuring a healthier market for IOT Hotspot vendors

5) NeuralAI’s AI 3D Asset Generator

NeuralAI launches an AI-powered 3D asset generator, transforming text and images into 3D models. This tool reduces costs and boosts creativity, making it a game-changer for developers and designers.

6) Ceramic Network: New Features and Developments

Ceramic has rolled out several new features, including a points library for reputation systems, powers decentralized AI with Index, and enhances network reliability with updates like SET Account Relations and Data Feed API.

7) MapMetrics' s New Speed Camera Feature

The 'Drive-to-Earn' Navigation App adds 120,000+ speed cameras in 111+ countries and introduces mEobile speed cameras. An enhanced leveling system allows users to vote on camera status, promoting safety and engagement.

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