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Gonesis Weekly Recap on DePIN & AI

Gonesis Weekly Recap on DePIN & AI

Explore The Latest DePIN + AI Highlights:

1) Helium's Value Spikes by 50%!

Helium’s value surged by 50% after expanding mobile services across the U.S. with T-Mobile, offering a $20 unlimited data plan. Over the past month, Helium’s value has increased by 150% after moving to the Solana blockchain, boosting scalability and investor confidence.

2) BlockDAG’s Keynote 2 Ignites 30,000x ROI Boom

BlockDAG's Keynote 2 unveiled major blockchain advancements, new explorer tools, and smart contract enhancements. Upcoming documentary and DOXing videos will reveal the team behind the tech, enhancing community trust. The roadmap projects a 30,000x ROI, driven by successful coin sales at a 1300% increase!

3) XYO Expands with Base

XYO is upgrading its network infrastructure by incorporating Base as its next Layer 2 blockchain, enhancing performance and scalability. Stay tuned for more updates on the dynamic DePIN + AI landscape.

4) Acurast Partners with LEXR Finance

Acurast and LEXR Finance enhance tzBTC with advanced automation for trustless management. The new tzBTC 2.0 automates security-sensitive processes and meets KYC/AML requirements, ensuring a seamless Bitcoin DeFi experience.

5) Wayru Introduces Offline Explorer Feature

Wayru’s Offline Explorer lets users download maps with hotspot info, enabling internet access without data. Perfect for travelers, this feature is in beta—try it out and share feedback! Integration with OpenRoaming adds 3.5 million hotspots globally.

6) Theta Introduces Elite Booster for EdgeCloud

Theta’s EdgeCloud Elite Booster (Edge Node v5.0.2) empowers users to earn TFUEL and partner TNT-20 tokens for GPU AI tasks. This upgrade increases edge node earnings, with the first paying customers now onboard. The EdgeCloud platform supports top open-source AI models, providing powerful, cost-effective GPU processing.

7) ATOR Rebrands to Anyone: Mainstream Privacy Push

Synternet launches its mainnet on Cosmos, marking a new era for decentralized data. The launch enables SYNT cryptocurrency use and supports the Pikes Peak roadmap. Developers can deploy apps using real-time data streams, benefiting from reduced gas fees and faster transactions.

8) CoralApp Introduces Coral Phone

CoralApp’s Coral phone is an AI-driven device designed for the web3 lifestyle, supporting dApps and offering a privacy-first AI assistant. The phone integrates DePIN services, DeFi, SocialFi, and GameFi, setting a new standard for mobile technology in the digital age.

9) Roam Integrates with Solana Mobile's Saga Phone

Roam enhances global WiFi access by integrating with Solana Mobile's Saga phone. The OpenRoaming network now has over 3.5 million WiFi spots, improving connectivity and user experience. Roam Points and $ROAM token incentivize network growth and engagement.

10) MetaGravity and Aethir Revolutionize Gaming

MetaGravity and Aethir collaborate to enhance gaming with decentralized infrastructure. MetaGravity’s HyperScale Engine and Aethir’s decentralized cloud services offer scalable, cost-effective solutions for multiplayer online games, advancing DePIN technology.

11) IoTeX Introduces Modular DePIN Infrastructure

IoTeX’s Modular DePIN Infrastructure redefines Web3 technology development with a flexible, community-driven framework. This innovation supports a wide range of DePIN applications, enhancing connectivity and storage solutions for decentralized networks. Significant DePIN projects like DIMO, Hivemapper, WeatherXM, and Helium exemplify the success of this infrastructure.

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