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Gonesis Weekly Recap on DePIN & AI

Gonesis Weekly Recap on DePIN & AI

Delve into the DePIN and AI Latest News and Updates

1. Blockchain-AI Startups Attract Major Investments

Venture capitalists are increasingly focused on the intersection of blockchain and AI, according to the latest edition of Cointelegraph’s VC Roundup. These technologies are seen as the future of innovation, with the potential to revolutionize various sectors:

• Sentient: Raised $85M led by Founders Fund, Pantera Capital, and Framework Ventures. Sentient is developing an open-source AI platform that allows developers to monetize their models and data, promoting an open and collaborative AI ecosystem.

• ORA: Secured $20M from Polychain, HF0, and Hashkey Capital. ORA combines AI models with blockchain to create revenue-sharing mechanisms, enabling token holders to benefit from the AI-generated income.

• Lombard: Completed a $16M seed round for a Bitcoin restaking ecosystem. This project aims to unlock liquidity from staked BTC, showcasing how blockchain can innovate traditional financial systems.

• Redacted: Raised $10M for an entertainment datasphere that integrates blockchain and AI. This Web3 ecosystem allows users to play, trade, and watch content while earning rewards, illustrating the diverse applications of blockchain and AI convergence.

• RedStone: Closed a $15M Series A round for developing modular oracles. RedStone provides secure data feeds to various blockchains, crucial for decentralized applications relying on accurate and timely data.

• Covalent: Obtained $5M to expand blockchain data infrastructure in Asia. Covalent’s structured data pool supports decentralized AI training, bridging the gap between blockchain data and AI model development.

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2. DePIN Base Camp Accelerator Announces Six Startups

Outlier Ventures has selected six innovative startups for the DePIN Base Camp accelerator, focusing on IoT hardware networks, decentralized computing, AI, and more.

Startups include Aydo, Kaisar Network, Roam Network, ROVR, TouchBrick, and YOM.

3. Bittensor Wallet Security Breach: $8M Worth Token Stolen

The Bittensor wallet was compromised, leading to the theft of approximately $8 million worth of TAO tokens. Investigators suggest a private key theft, facilitated by a phishing scheme that introduced a malicious update on the Python Package Index (PyPi).

The exact method of delivery is still under investigation.

4. Arkreen Tokenizes Singapore Building Carbon Credits

Arkreen is advancing sustainability by tokenizing Singapore Building Carbon Credits for GreenBTC.Club’s on-chain offset.

This initiative enhances transparency and trading efficiency, leveraging a comprehensive carbon credit mechanism.

5. Hex Trust and Acurast Enhance tzBTC

Hex Trust and Acurast have partnered to improve tzBTC, making it more accessible and cost-effective.

The collaboration uses Acurast’s confidential compute for secure, automated processes, enhancing the wrapped Bitcoin product on Tezos.

6. MegaETH: The Real-Time Ethereum Innovation

MegaETH has announced $20M in seed funding for its L2 solution, promising sub-millisecond latency and 100k TPS. Key innovations include:

• Differentiated roles for nodes.

• In-memory compute for faster state access.

• Just-in-time compiler for efficient smart contract execution.

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