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Gonesis Weekly Recap on DePIN & AI

Gonesis Weekly Recap on DePIN & AI

Explore the Latest News and Innovations on DePIN & AI

1) OMNIA Protocol Launch:

ChainGPT Pad has launched OMNIA Protocol to enhance Web3 for DeFi applications via DePIN and MEV technologies.Now rescheduling $OMNIA IDO to align the launch with a major announcement - something big is cooking! 

2) Ambient's Funding Round:

Ambient has raised $2M to expand its decentralized environmental monitoring network, aiming to improve global data on pollution and climate conditions. 

3) HPChain's Service Model:

HPChain introduces 'Mine-Share-as-a-Service', a service model for decentralized GPU rental, catering to sectors like gaming and AI. 

4) Peaq Token Sale on CoinList (Ending May 16th):

$PEAQ token sale is currently underway on CoinList, focusing on enhancing Layer1 blockchain capabilities for DePIN and Machine RWA. 

5) Ondo Finance Integration with Zebec Network:

Ondo Finance's USDY stablecoin will integrate with the Zebec Network to facilitate payments within DePIN and RWA frameworks.

6) PublicAI and Oyster Labs Partnership:

PublicAI has partnered with Oyster Labs to enhance data ownership and revenue opportunities for mobile users within the Web3 ecosystem. 

7) NATIX Drive& App Launch:

NATIX Network has launched the Drive& app, utilizing DePIN technology to enhance the accuracy and utility of geospatial data.

8) Bosch and EU IoT Initiatives:

Bosch is collaborating with the EU to develop decentralized IoT solutions aimed at enhancing connectivity and functionality across European infrastructures. 

9) Sophon's Funding Achievement:

Sophon, a Layer 2 network on zkSync, has raised $60M through a node sale, supporting its development of confidential computing capabilities. 

10)Kintsu Testnet Launch:

Kintsu is preparing to launch its testnet on the Aleph Zero blockchain, focusing on innovations in liquid staking technologies.

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