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Gonesis Weekly Recap on DePIN & AI

Gonesis Weekly Recap on DePIN & AI

Explore DePIN + AI's Latest News and Innovations:

1) Nuklai & Peaq Partnership

Nuklai Data has joined forces with Peaq Network to enhance DePIN projects with AI and data monetization capabilities.

Farmsent, a global Web3 marketplace for farmers, is the first to benefit, optimizing operations through AI-driven insights for over 160,000 farmers.

2) GenesysGo Mobile shdwDrive feature for Solana Mobile

GenesysGo has launched Mobile shdwDrive for Solana Mobile at the Solana Crossroads conference in Istanbul. 

This feature turns Solana Saga devices into decentralized storage nodes, allowing users to earn $SHDW tokens. With over 150,000 pre-orders, this meets the rising demand for decentralized solutions. Details:

3) Peaq’s $20M Fundraising Milestone

Peaq Network has raised $20 million through CoinList , attracting over 14,500 community members who contributed more than $36 million to oversubscribe peaq’s token launch on CoinList, making it CoinList’s largest fundraising event in two years. 

The funds will be used to boost Peaq's DePIN leadership and accelerate ecosystem development, highlighting the strong community support and confidence in Peaq's vision.

4) Gaming PCs as DePIN Contributors is transforming gaming by turning idle gaming PCs into #DePIN contributors. The platform introduces efficient resource management, allowing gamers to earn rewards by utilizing their computing power. 

This innovative approach could democratize the gaming landscape, making gaming PCs more than just play tools but also income-generating assets. 

5) AI Continues to Dominate Crypto Narrative

AI remains a powerful narrative in the crypto market. In the first and second quarters of 2024, AI's prominence continues to grow, building on its significant narrative heat in 2023. With the exponential growth of AI across various fields, its influence within the crypto market is set to endure and expand. 

6) Upcoming Consensus 2024  

Consensus 2024 is happening from May 29-31 in Austin, TX! This event offers a prime opportunity for #DePIN + #AI enthusiasts to network and learn, featuring sessions on DePIN advancements, AI innovations, and the EasyA Consensus Hackathon.

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