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Unveils gonesis' ambitious roadmap

Unveils gonesis' ambitious roadmap

In the coming months, we'll give every Web3 user a brand new experience: turning your PFP NFT into a real AI you can talk to for daily needs, and earn tokens.

To achieve this goal, we're introducing:

- An NFT-based AI Chat application, available on both PC and mobile.

- A new PFP collection @gonesistraveler as the first example of on-chain AI agents.

- A robust dual-token economic that allows you to earn rewards while chatting with AI(talk-to-earn).

- A revolutionary portable AI device that connects with DePIN.

Our mission is to accelerate the mass adoption of AI+Web3.

By utilizing token incentives to encourage more people to chat with AI, we'll accelerate the evolution of AI. This will create a win-win: boosting the value of Gonesis AI for everyone involved, and giving users a betterAI experience.

At the same time, applications like @ChatGPTapp, @character_ai and @myshell_ai have already shown how significant value the AI agents can create for users.

We want to take this further by making sure this value can be stored within the AI agents themselves, turning AI into digital assets that can be tracked and traded on the blockchain.

So, we invented #AI721 as the first protocol to turn AI into a widely recognized asset type: NFT, which is indexable and verifiable on blockchain.

AI721 expands AI capabilities for ERC721 without introducing any breaking changes. This means we can upgrade all existing NFTs to on-chain AI.

Imagine your PFP NFT in your wallet becoming your AI companion, helping you with daily tasks and even earning you tokens. How amazing is that? #AI721

We will launch our first PFP NFT collection: Gonesis Traveler , as the first case for #AI721 and on-chain AI agents.

Every Traveler has a pre-defined special personality. Only the holder of a certain Traveler can activate its special personality and talk with itexclusively.

You can still shape your Travelers' personalities you own by talking with them, and make them your exclusive companions who know you best.

Gonesis Chat, an AI chat application based on #NFTs, similar to ChatGPT, but with the added benefit of earning token rewards.

All AI agents in Gonesis Chat are NFTs that you can train, rent out, or rent from others to meet everyday needs. Also, we will select existing NFT collections to turn into AI agents, enhancing them with more interactive features.

Additionally, Gonesis Chat will be the first ecosystem to incentivize the creators of AI agents.

Gonesis C1, is the first truly portable AI device, operated simply by finger touch. It enables your AI to interact with the physical world.

It's an affordable way to own a general smart AI device that can earn youmoney, and can be used as a secure, standalone and fashionable terminal.

More details are coming in Q3.

We are grateful to all the #GonesisRing holders. Thank you for your patience and support.

As you have become Gonesis OGs, stay tune for the exclusive benefits in the following months!

We are here to create and provide value to the entire web3 and AI ecosystem, rather than to extract value from it.

We are here to create more scenarios and alpha for existing and upcoming PFP NFTs.

Despite the current bear market in NFTs, we believe that NFT-based AI applications have significant potential in the coming cycle.

If you are interested in what we are doing and would like to explore a partnership, feel free to open tickets on our Discord :https://discord.gg/gonesis.

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